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My very first job in professional wrestling came in 1989 while I was working as a DJ in Cleveland,Ohio! I had always been a fan of wrestling & would even talk about it while on the radio. One day, I got a call from a local promoter who was with a group called Great Lakes Wrestling Association. He was looking to do a tie in with a radio station & he had also heard that I was a big wrestling fan. We made the needed arrangements to make things happen between his group & the radio station that I was with back then.

I soon became the ring announcer for them as well as the public relations person.I remained with GLWA up until mid 1992 when I moved away to Cinci, Ohio! While working for GLWA, I met alot of future superstars who had not gotten their breaks yet & even some legends. Guys like Mick Foley & Shane Douglas were hardly even known back then & I feel honored to have seen them & have met them before they reached their peaks in this business. I also worked with legends like Jerry Lawler, Ivan Koloff & the Original Sheik. While working for GLWA, I got to travel alot to Pennsylvania & eastern Ohio working on joint shows.

This photo was taken at the huge Tri-W event held on January 29th 1994 in Hamilton, Ohio in which 1136 fans turned out!!
I moved down to Hamilton, Ohio in mid 1992 looking for a change of scenery & also taking a job at another radio station. The radio station was 1450 AM WMOH & it was an all news,sports & talk station. This was my first & last AM radio station I have worked for. I brought alot of energy to what was normally a laid back station. One day, I decided to take a chance & started my own talk show there. It was a pro wrestling talk show with a twist of my own creativity. At the time, there were maybe only a handful of wrestling radio talk shows on the air. Some of u may remember Mike Tenay from the old WCW days when he was a commentator there. Well, he happened to be a competitor of mine with his wrestling talk show before he got his big break in WCW.

My show was #2 on that station just behind NASCAR. While my ratings went up & my listening audience grew, I decided to take things a step further. I started my very own wrestling organization. Basically, I recruited people that thought that they had it in them to become wrestlers. I rented out a gym & had wrestlers that I had worked with come in to train whoever wanted to try it. It was somewhat a wrestling school but minus the high price & bullshit politics that most schools have. I did all that I could to try to help people realize their dreams of being in pro wrestling. I even held a few shows & advertised it on my radio show to get fans to come see these people.

The bad part was when a group of these people decided that they had learned enough to go & do their own shows. I won't even mention them by name or their so called group because I feel they were backstabbers. The group that I created in 1993 was called World Wide Wrestling & we had our share of good & bad times. The one person who stuck with me through it all was my good friend Shawn. I briefly worked for Bobby Fulton in Chillicothe, Ohio with a group called James Heines Promotions! My main interest was with Tri-W though! We had a huge event on January 29th 1994 that brought in over 1100 fans. Back then & even now, for an independent group to have that many fans is incredible!! Out of frustration on both a personal & professional level, in 1995, I closed shop & moved to Louisville, Kentucky for yet another change of life.

My time in OVW was probably my most favorite time I have had while in this business! I had the chance to work with alot of huge WWE superstars as well as train & work with alot of the WWE's future superstars! When I first started in OVW back in 1999, my main character that I portrayed was that of a crooked lawyer by the name of Thurston Throckmorton! I basically handled alot of the legal issues for the group of wrestlers that I hung out with. The character grew stale very fast as there is only so much a lawyer can do. My talent of doing impersonations was about to pay off!

I had been challenged to be part of a handicap match with 2 other people to take on a huge wrestler named Russ Mccullough. I approached the man in charge, Jim Cornette, about possibly trying something different. The idea was that I would be hypnotized to think that I was the "Macho Man" Randy Savage! I was able to do the voice perfectly & ended up growing a beard & letting my hair get long so that I could portray the "Macho Man" to the best of my ability! I had a cape & bandana made & even came out with a handful of Slim Jims to throw out to the fans. My version of the "Macho Man" was a hit with the fans even though I was a bad guy! I even had a chance to wrestle a wannabe called "The Rock!"

Jim Cornette had told me that I was the best person on the mic that OVW had. This was a huge compliment coming from one of the great brains of this business! During my time in OVW, I worked with & trained with wrestlers that are now big names in the WWE. I worked with Brock Lesnar, Rico, Randy Orton, David Batista, John Cena, Shelton Benjamin & Victoria! My days in OVW ended in 2001 due to some bullshit politics & jealousy from a person named KENNY BOLIN! I mention his name only because he still remains in OVW but only because of who he is friends with & not because of what he calls "talent!" I miss my friends & my time in OVW but I have moved on & am back with an old friend......TRI-W!


In 2002, I got a call from my friend in Hamilton, Ohio...Shawn! He said that he wanted to restart Tri-W but wanted to make sure it was ok with me & to see if I wanted to be involved. I accepted & Shawn got the ball rolling back in Ohio for Tri-W! I came in on the first show back in November 2002 as the "Macho Man" but the fans there just didn't get it! So I then shaved my head on December 13th (friday the 13th at that, grew a goatee & decided to just be MYSELF! I teamed up with 2 great talents in Tri-W! The world champ Dean "the Dream" Jablonski & North American champ "the Renegade" Joey Bravo! Together, we are known as the "Dream Team" & we are thus far an unstoppable force in Tri-W. We've beaten & even retired wrestlers such as Preston Steele,Psycho Mike, Lord Zoltan & many more will soon follow! Currently, Tri-W has been put on the shelves! I've done some appearances in the RWA, BPW & BGCW over the past few years since 2002. Fro now, I remain semi-retired/done with wrestling.

This was taken while I was in OVW as Thurston Throckmorton in 2000!

This was taken at the Tri-W New Year's Revolution event held January 31st 2003!